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Rent a Car Dubai

Tajeer rent a car is a well-known online car rental marketplace in dubai that offers affordable car rental offers from reputable local rental car companies. Choose your favorite car from 1000+ rental cars all cars types are available .

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Car Rental Dubai

Every year millions of people from all corners of the world visit Dubai to enjoy the fantastic tourist attractions it offers or to attend a seminar or business meeting. Dubai has become a tourism and commercial hub for many global conglomerates, making it one of the most frequently visited cities.

As a result, an increasing number of people prefer to rent a car in Dubai to get around the city and go wherever they want. Rent a car is a far superior option to taking taxis or other forms of public transportation. What are you waiting for? Get a car rental in Dubai right away:
Our car rental company offers a wide range of cars types and brand with starting price from 30 AED per day. Car rental discounts and offers for all car types , cheap car rental , luxury car rental , SUV car rental , sports car rental enjoy driving your favorite car brand Toyota car rental , Nissan car rental , KIA car rental , Hyundai car rental , Mercedes car rental , Audi car rental , BMW car rental , Range Rover car rental , Rolls Royce car rental , Lamborghini car rental and Ferrari car rental .

Rent a Car Dubai

What are the benefits to rent a car in Dubai ?
Below are some of the most significant benefits To rent a car in Dubai:
An extensive collection of vehicles to choose from
Various types of cars are available for rent at car rental companies. Car rental allows you to choose from hundreds of vehicles available for rent, ranging from the luxurious Bugatti , Mercedes , Lamborghini , Ferrari , Rolls Royce , Audi , BMW , Range Rover to the more affordable Toyota or Nissan . As a result, you can enjoy a wide range of cars at low prices, which is not always possible when hire a vehicle.
No more depending on public transport.
Taking public transportation is inconvenient, exhausting, and unpredictable. The distances can be considered when trying to get to different places and sights in Dubai. Furthermore, public transportation does not always provide end-to-end service, so you may have to walk to your destination.
Because of the inconvenience and harsh weather in the city, renting a car in Dubai is a better option than relying solely on public transportation.
Low costs and great discounts to avail
As car rentals have increased to meet the growing demand of travellers, car rental prices have become highly competitive. Furthermore, car rentals are a more cost-effective option compared to taking taxis every time you need to go somewhere. This is especially true if you intend to stay in the city for an extended period, as many car rental companies offer special discounts if you rent the vehicle for a more extended period. You might even be able to find some exciting deals if you do some additional research.
So, the next time you're in Dubai for an extended period, look into car rentals and rent a car.
Opportunity to enjoy a luxury car .
Renting a car in Dubai allows you to experience various brands of luxurious vehicles . Because of the high cost of luxury cars , driving a luxurious car with excellent characteristics and features is usually impossible. On the other hand, car rentals make it simple for people to enjoy these vehicles by providing them for rent at low car rental rates.
Drivers with experience
Apart from providing rental cars for trips, TAJEER Rent a car Dubai also provides some specialised services such as giving skilled drivers for trips. If you need a driver for a trip, car rentals have highly trained drivers who will take you to your destination.

Rent a car near me

Have you ever been on vacation and not had a rent car? Getting around, hailing taxis everywhere, or trying to use public transportation in an unfamiliar place can be tough. Then you must be looking for a car rental near me. Finding a company that offers the right vehicle for your needs is important.
You also want to be sure that the company has a good reputation and is known for providing excellent customer service. In addition, you'll want to find a company that has a convenient location and offers competitive prices.
With TAJEER it will be easy to find a car rental near me, TAJEER is a market place platform gathering the best car rental in one place you can find all locations in UAE Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, RAC.
TAJEER providing variety of car types and prices for cheap car rental near me , Luxury car rental near me , sports car rental near me , SUV car rental near me.

The best car rental near me

There are many benefits of using TAJEER , including our convenience, affordability, and safety.
Convenience: TAJEER provides car rental companies with a convenient way to travel for business or pleasure. You can choose from various vehicles to suit your needs, and you can typically pick up and drop off your rental car at your current locations.
Affordability: The cost of transportation can be reduced when you rent a car from TAJEER because TAJEER providing companies that offers competitive rates. In addition, many car rental companies offer discounts and specials that can further reduce the cost of your rental.
Safety: In TAJEER The safety standards of most car rental companies are quite strict, so you can be confident that the car you are renting is safe and reliable. In addition, most car rental companies offer insurance coverage in case of an accident.

Rent a car Dubai with TAJEER platform - best choice & prices

When you have an idea to travel to Dubai, one of the things in you to do list should be choosing the right place where to hire a car. We have good solution what will make your life easier for your car in UAE.
TAJEER car rent is the best rental service platform in Dubai where you can find cheap and affordable vehicle same time - luxury car and super sport car.
First requirement to rent a car Dubai is your age. It should be at least 21 with at least 1 year driving experience in your home country. If you don’t fit this requirement, most probably rent a car company in Dubai will not give you a chance to rent a car.
Next important thing - to check is your driver’s license valid in UAE. In the case if not - there is a legal solution to get International driving license in 1h time. Contact us or particular car hire company which is arranging the car for you.
There are two options your choice - to get digital or printed hard copy as well for very affordable price besides it will be valid further for 2 year all around the globe.
If you are UAE resident, you need to have local driving license even if your license from home country is accepted in UAE. Also your UAE residence car should be valid.
If you are tourist, car hire companies will also ask to submit copy of valid passport or ID in case if you are citizen or resident of Gulf region country.
Be aware that all car rental companies will ask deposit for the car. Amount will be starting from 1000 for the cheapest car and can reach unto 5000 depending on car’s market value.
Refund can take up to 30 days from the moment you returned the rental car. Long term car rent or only for one day - deposit value of particular car will stay the same. Deposit is necessary to cover extra costs what certainly will come.
You may ask - why so long time for receiving deposit back. There is very simple explanation - fines, total cost of toll gates take few weeks. Refund can be done to the same credit card what you paid with or any other convenient way of your choice.
Payment for rental period and deposit can be done in advance with bank or crypto transfer or pay by link but most common practice is paying on delivery with cash or credit card. Car hire companies can provide you receipt and invoice on your request.
If you want to book a car, one more important thing to know is speed limits. If in Dubai you can exceed 20 km/h then same in Abu Dhabi will cost you a fine.
What actually is included in the rental service price - cost for rental period, limit of 250 km per day, full insurance and children seat, if you require. Most of car hire companies provide also pick up and drop off the vehicle in Dubai (outside Dubai borders extra charge will be added).
What is not included in the rental service price and what you need to reckon with - petrol, toll gate fees, parking tickets, extra km (more than 250km per day), car delivery and collection to/from other Emirate than Dubai, collision damage waiver, fines, car damage by your mistake, smoking inside the car, patrol level difference at receiving and returning moment.
In the case if you want to extend your rental period, you can contact rental company in advance to inform them. Also you can make an upgrade for bigger car for example if you are receiving guests.
If you upgrade from short time rent to long term, you can request from hire company to give you better quotation with more friendly price. As a regular customer you can will get more benefits from car rental company on the base of positive experience.
Most of the time as a tourists, we choose to book hotel for our comfortable staying. Frequently at reception we find concierge service. At the first moment it looks like the most convenient option to organize drive for yourself but in reality this service will make you lose more time and money.
In stead of just open TAJEER car rent and find variety of cars and different price options from which you can choose the best for yourself, concierge will take more time to finding the car on your behalf and he will put at least 30% margin above the real market price.
Hire companies what are listed on TAJEER car rent are having responsive rental service and will help to choose the car according your individual needs and taste. Trustful relationship between car rental company and customer is one of the milestones to build long term positive experience. We will be happy if you will come back to our service in future.
There is a choice from economical cars what will be more cost officiant than hiring a taxi. Affordable luxury SUV, sedan or coupe are widely displayed with such models like Mercedes Benz, Audi, Range Rover.
If you want to have unforgettable emotions - hire sport car. Ferrari, Lamborghini will leave breath taking experience for all your life. Besides you will have impressive pictures for your social media.
To make your search more handy, you can download TAJEER application on App Store or Google Play for free. Contact directly car renting company and book a car without any extra charge.
Remember that prices for each car might change depending on season and demand. You can notice that changes happen sometimes every month. Pay attention that car rental prices are mention excluding VAT. It means you need to add for each price 5%.
On TAJEER car rent platform renting service in Dubai in very convenient and rent a car Dubai is easy and help you comfortably overpass long and short distances as well as feel comfortable in hot weather.